Security Of Funds

As a successful trader there is no doubt that you give your attention to your trading. This means that you don't have the time to spend all day worrying about how safe your funds are. At GNTFX, we understand this issue and how important it is, which is why we have placed fund safety at the top of our list. We go to great lengths to ensure fund safety, so you can focus on something else.

The efforts we make to ensure fund safety will have a positive impact on your accounts and in its profitability. In the trading world, whenever there is a higher focus, there will also be a higher profit rating.

Industry leaders help ensure fund safety for clients

As a Global Leader in the world of online trading, GNTFX specializes in FOREX.

At GNTFX, we have built a solid reputation around the world for maintaining excellent client fund security, as well as for providing excellent customer support and service. We are an award-winning firm with a philosophy for providing top-notch trading conditions. Our clients know that trusting us means their funds are secure, because we believe in integrity, follow-through, and commitment.

Top Tier Bank Accounts

We are able to work with clients from around the world because of our decision to use only those banks which maintain an Investment Grade standing. By doing this, we are able to offer our clients the benefits of working with some of the most secure and trustworthy banks around the globe.

Regulatory Supervised

Being that we at GNTFX are supervised by the regulator, we adhere to numerous financial standards that are strict, and help ensure your fund security. Some of the regulations we routinely meet include capital adequacy requirements, quarterly financial report submission, and more. We are required to maintain liquid capital coverage for potential fluctuations, and to cover all of our clients' outstanding expenses. We are also subject to an annual audit by an independent servicer to identify and inform us of any type of deficiencies that may be present.

It is important to note that 1) large exposures report and the capital adequacy are each based on audited statements, and 2) on an annual basis, the audited financial statements of each company need to be submitted.

Fund Segregation

All company funds are segregated from client funds here at GNTFX. When client funds are received, they are placed into the company's fiduciary client bank accounts, which are segregated. What this means is they are off the balance sheet. Even in the unlikely event that the company defaults, these funds cannot be used to pay back creditors.

Risk Management

We aim to continue assessing on a continuous basis our policy effectiveness, as well as that of our procedures and arrangements. To ensure this happens, we routinely monitor, assess, control, and identify every type of risk that can be associated with each operation. By doing this, we are able to ensure we can cover all capital and financial needs at all times.

The Fund and the Law

GNTFX is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund, otherwise known as the Fund. This form was created under the under the 2002 Investment Firms (IF) Law, which was amended as the "Law", and under the Establishment and Operation of an Investor Compensation Fund. This is for all customers who are under the 2004 CIFs Regulations, known as the "Regulations", which were also issued under the Law. The Fund is a legal entity that is private, and has five members known as the Administrative Committee who exercise it. These members are designated to the position for a period of three years. The Fund has been in existence since May 30, 2004.

Services Covered

The company's covered in and compensated by the Fund, and their ancillary services and investment services offered, are found on the website of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and are listed on its authorization:

Investment Risk Warning: There are always risks involved with trading leveraged products, especially those including CFDs and FOREX. These investments may not suitable for all investors, because of the high level of risks that are involved. Trading products such as these comes with risks that include a loss of the investment. Before investing, please read the Risk Disclosure.

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