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At GNTFX we quote major foreign exchange currency pairs to five decimal places.

We have used our knowledge and experience of the FOREX market to provide you with the very best prices and make them immediately available for you in our trading system.

Our fifth digit allows us to be more accurate in our pricing, and gives us the opportunity to offer the very best possible spreads.

With prices measured in 1/10th of a pip the view of the foreign exchange market and its direction is easily attainable in comparison to four digit pricing where figures are 'rounded up' or 'rounded down' where necessary.

Award-Winning MetaTrader 4-platform

MetaTrader is the most popular front-end application in the industry. GNTFX MT4 has taken the MetaTrader MT4 platform and introduced its liquidity to create a user-friendly front-end trading interface with interbank liquidity and fast execution.

The GNTFX MT4 Terminal is a perfectly equipped traders workplace that allows trades in the financial markets (FOREX, CFD and Futures). It provides the necessary tools and resources to analyze price dynamics of financial instruments, make the trade transactions, create and use automated trading programs (Expert Advisors). It represents the all-in-one concept and is derived from the most popular trading terminal in the world.

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Clone a trader with GNTFX's PowerTrader

The PowerTrader is a unique way of cloning a professional FOREX trader with a click of a mouse. No need for software installation. Access the trades from everywhere with online access.

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